Rens Launches World's First-Ever 'Coffee Sneaker' Made From Coffee and Recycled Plastic - Press Release - Digital Journal

Rens is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first ‘coffee sneaker’ on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Innovatively crafted from spent coffee grounds and recycled plastic, the sneaker is stylish, waterproof and sustainable.

The idea for Rens shoes was born out of a desire for sneakers that both look good and are kind to the planet. After spending a lot of time searching for cool, sustainable footwear, the founders found the market to be lacking.

“Jesse and I are two young sneaker

Inside the world of ‘masculinisation’ fillers, the ‘Instagram Face’ for men

Men are tweaking their cheeks, jaw, and chins with injectable filler for various reasons: to conform to masculine ideals, boost self-esteem, affirm their gender identity,

What makes a man attractive? It might sound like an impossibly general question, but it’s one that Dr Max Malik – an experienced practitioner at London’s Cranley Clinic, also known as “the face doctor” – gets asked on a regular basis. “Generally speaking, the ideal ‘attractive’ face for men is a masculine one,” Dr Malik tells

Coffee-based yarn knits a better sneaker for everyone

Recycled coffee beans are being used to create a new fabric yarn with some interesting properties you perhaps wouldn’t expect while downing your fifth Monday morning espresso.

The basis of footwear start-up Rens’ latest sneakers, the upper is knitted from a blend of coffee yarn and recycled polyester, before a waterproof nano membrane is laminated between the shoe upper and inner lining.

Aside from the waterproof properties of the membrane layer, the coffee yarn brings some other bonuses – its